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Radon Inspection

Ensuring Radon Safety: A Commitment to EPA Recommendations

At Home Inspector MD, we take your health and safety seriously, which is why we conduct our Residential Radon Measurement in strict accordance with the recommendations of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Here's what you need to know about the importance of radon testing:

1. EPA and State Health Department Recommendations:

  • The EPA and your state health department strongly recommend that ALL home buyers and owners have their homes tested for indoor radon. Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that can enter homes through the ground and pose health risks when present in elevated levels indoors.

2. Identifying Elevated Radon Levels:

  • Elevated radon levels in homes can be a serious health concern. Radon is odorless and invisible, making it impossible to detect without specialized testing. Therefore, professional radon measurement is essential to assess the radon levels in your home accurately.

3. Simple and Effective Solutions:

  • The good news is that homes with elevated radon levels can be easily fixed. Various radon mitigation techniques are available to reduce radon concentrations to safe levels, ensuring the health and well-being of occupants.

By following EPA recommendations and conducting radon testing, you can take proactive steps to protect your family's health and create a safe living environment. Our commitment to adhering to these guidelines ensures that you receive reliable and accurate radon measurement services.

Your health and safety are our top priorities, and we are dedicated to providing you with the information and services you need to make informed decisions about radon in your home.

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or would like to schedule a radon measurement. Your peace of mind is our mission.

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